As the Director of Digital Marketing at Covington, I’ve combined decades of experience with data science, technology, marketing, and business development to drive innovation and transform the firm’s approach to marketing and business development. In my tenure at Covington, I’ve implemented a comprehensive digital marketing strategy that includes updating the marketing technology stack, launching an engaging and personalized website, developing tools for robust marketing campaigns, and targeting content to reach key audiences and enhance brand.

Most recently, my team has been focused on providing a foundation and interactive dashboards for data informed business development.  Our robust and customized Salesforce platform to allows lawyers and BD team to gain actionable insights using data about the client including:

  • financial information from 3E including recent matters, billed hours, time keepers, relationship partners;
  • experience information from historical matters, website bios, and pitches;
  •  business development and experience;
  •  relationships between client and attorneys;
  • and client interests (inferred from website analytics on digital content engagement);
  • cross-selling opportunities identified in practice group, industry and individual senior lawyers business plans; and
  •  key client plans.

This is something that I envisioned when I first entered the legal industry in 2012, and was able to achieve for Covington.  This innovative approach, combining business strategy and technology, has enabled the firm to sharpen client service and keep the clients’ interest at the heart of Covington’s marketing and business development strategy.