Jaron is the creator of RubyLaw, a legal-sector focused Content Lifecycle Management (CLM) platform that helps marketers manage, share, publish, and distribute mission-critical business content. In his role, he sets the strategic vision for the product, while serving as chief executive of RubensteinTech, an enterprise software company specializing in implementations and enhancements of RubyLaw, as well as RubyLaw Express, a CLM geared toward smaller, growth-minded law firms.

Trained as an engineer, Jaron has a technical background but is also a highly effective communicator. As a result, he is a frequent presenter and moderator, and has led technology-related sessions for organizations like the Legal Marketing Association (LMA), the Association for Computing Machinery (ACM), and the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE). He is also an accomplished author, having contributed to several books on software and systems administration and writing for publications like HOW magazine, MarketingTech, and Law Technology Today.

When he’s not focusing on RubyLaw, Jaron is mentoring aspiring software developers or spending time with his wife and two children.