Dave is a branding and design expert who has been a senior
leader at multiple global branding agencies. His various roles as
creative director, head of business development, head of key client
accounts, and agency lead make him a valuable partner to marketing
teams. Dave has led high-stakes branding initiatives for complex
organizations such as AT&T, BP, Kirkland & Ellis, Tapestry, IBM,
Western Union, and Dale Carnegie.

Dave was the original founding author for Brand New, a leading
industry blog covering the most important rebranding work around
the world. In 2015, Dave was featured in Design:Retail magazine’s
inaugural “40 under 40” list of design professionals impacting the
retail industry. He has won multiple creative awards and has been
invited to speak for several organizations, including the American
Institute of Graphic Arts, Legal Marketing Association, GroPro 20/20,
and the Society of Graphic Designers of Canada.