How to Maintain Culture in a Virtual Environment

How can you hold on to what’s good about your firm’s culture when people are working virtually?  Calibrate Legal alliance partner Dr. Dawn-Marie Turner has some suggestions.

Organizational culture change is a big topic. I usually work with organizations that want to change their culture. Like the professional services company that used a physical move as the catalyst toward a more team-based, collaborative, and cross-functional culture.

There is another aspect of culture that doesn’t get much attention—what do you do to maintain culture? That was a question a senior executive in a major law firm asked when we were talking about leading and managing in a virtual environment.

His firm had worked very hard to create the desired culture. A culture that made his firm a great place to work and very successful. He was concerned with people working remotely, the stress of the uncertainty, and the requirement for maintaining physical distance they risked losing key elements of their culture.

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